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Amazon Begins Trading in Triple Digits Following 20-1 Stock Split

For the First Time Since the Turn of the Millennium and the Fourth Time in Company History, Amazon Split its Stock

The Last Time Amazon Traded at These Levels Was 2010, With 2017 Being the Last Time AMZN Stock Traded in Triple Digits

First announced in March, the 20-1 split took effect on Monday, June 6th and dropped the price from $2,447 to $122.35.

The move comes after years of lobbying by investors to split the stock and open investment up for more individuals. For many investors in brokerages that don’t offer fractional share trading, a price per share in the thousands puts the stock out of their reach. The newly reduced share price should go a long way to reaching these previously out of reach investors.

Unfortunately, this increased investor turnout has yet to materialize, as the stock has been down since the split. It will likely take a while for the split to become common knowledge among retail investors, so there could be a delayed uptick in interest.

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Amazon’s stock has been in correction mode for months, having lost a third of its value since peaking in November 2021. The stock split was likely a move by management to curb this downtrend trend. It didn’t work so well, as the stock continued its slide even after the split took effect.

Investors looking to buy the dip can now buy 20x more shares. Whether now is the time to buy or if there is more downward pressure coming is hard to say, but their current P/E of 59 could mean that it’s ripe for further trimming.

Amazon closed trading today at $121.18 per share, down -1.48% on the day. YTD, AMZN stock is down -28.88%.

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