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The Evergrande Crisis Deepens: What’s Next?

China's Evergrande Crisis Just Got Worse With Liabilities Now Exceeding $300 Billion

Last Updated: 25.3.2024 15:16

Evergrande Chairman Under Surveillance

Recent reports from Bloomberg News have revealed that Hui Ka Yan, the chairman of China Evergrande Group, has been placed under police surveillance. This move has intensified concerns regarding the future of the world’s most indebted developer, which is currently facing the risk of liquidation. Evergrande, with liabilities exceeding $300 billion, has been at the epicentre of a liquidity crisis that has shaken China’s property sector, a significant pillar of the country’s economy.

The Rise and Fall of Evergrande

Founded in 1996 by Hui Ka Yan, Evergrande quickly rose to prominence, becoming China’s top-selling developer. Its aggressive growth strategy, characterized by a rapid land acquisition funded by loans and swift apartment sales at low margins, saw Hui crowned Asia’s richest man in 2017. However, the company has had an enormous debt burden. This, coupled with a weakening property market and regulatory crackdowns on high-debt companies, led to its financial crisis becoming public in 2021. Since then, Evergrande and several of its peers have defaulted on offshore debt obligations.

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Implications for the Global Market

Evergrande’s ongoing crisis has sent shockwaves through global markets. The company’s offshore debt restructuring plan, crucial for its survival, is on shaky ground, with increasing chances of the firm heading towards liquidation. This uncertainty has had a cascading effect, with Evergrande shares plummeting and other Hong Kong-listed mainland developers also feeling the heat.

Furthermore, the company has had an inability to issue new bonds due to regulatory investigations. Now, its recent failure to meet bond payment deadlines have further exacerbated investor concerns. The broader implications of Evergrande’s crisis on the global financial system remain to be seen. However, the immediate impact on investor sentiment is evident.

Country Garden’s Debt Challenge

In addition to Evergrande, another major Chinese developer, Country Garden, is under the spotlight. Facing a bond coupon repayment deadline, the company’s financial challenges have added to the gloom surrounding China’s property sector. These industry giants are grappling with their debt issues. Now, the focus is on potential rescue measures by the Chinese government and the subsequent impact on global markets.

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