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NASDAQ’s Stellar Performance: Hope For Investors

Updated 27.7.2023 11:26

The NASDAQ is Outperforming The Market in an Overall Volatile Market. 

The NASDAQ Composite has consistently outperformed other market indexes, demonstrating its resilience and potential for high returns.

Despite the overall market’s stagnation, the NASDAQ has managed to maintain its upward trajectory, marking its fifth consecutive day of outperformance. This year, the NASDAQ has gained an impressive 30%, significantly outperforming the S&P 500’s 14% bounce and the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 2% gain.

The Power of Big Tech and AI

One of the key drivers of the NASDAQ’s success is the robust performance of Big Tech. First-quarter earnings reports have shown that product enhancements in the cloud and digital advertising offerings, driven by artificial intelligence, are adding more growth. The rise of artificial intelligence has been a significant factor, fueling Wall Street’s exuberance and contributing to the tech-heavy index’s rally.

The ‘Magnificent Seven’ Driving the Rally

A handful of technology stocks, often referred to as the “Magnificent Seven,” have been instrumental in driving the NASDAQ’s gains. This group includes Alphabet, Meta Platforms, Tesla, Nvidia, Apple, and Microsoft. These stocks were responsible for nearly 50% of the NASDAQ-100’s gains in May, highlighting their significant influence on the market.

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NASDAQ’s Future Outlook Outperforming Market

Despite the NASDAQ’s impressive performance, investors should remain cautious. The rally seems to have been powerful enough to convince some Wall Street skeptics to warm up to equities. However, others wonder about how much longer a handful of workhorse names can keep the rally going. This is especially because now senior Federal Reserve officials are talking up the prospect of another interest-rate hike later this year. What are your thoughts? Tweet us at @WealthyVc and we’ll share them to our feed!

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