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BOC Rate Hike Expected to Cripple Canadians 

Updated 11.7.2023 17:02

Bank of Canada Anticipates A Possible Further Interest Rate Hike Amid Inflation Concerns: Interest Rate Increase Deemed ‘New Orthodoxy’

The Bank of Canada is forecasted to escalate interest rates again this week, a move perceived by economists as the ‘new orthodoxy’ in attempts to control inflation. The principle behind this is to discourage excessive spending, thereby cooling down the economy.

Stubborn Inflation

Despite consistent efforts to tame inflation, the upward adjustments in interest rates are yet to show their impact on economic deceleration. A popular notion among economists suggests a recession, but economic performance remains robust, challenging conventional banking strategies.

Consumer Spending vs. Financial Stability

The goal of the impending rate hike is to intentionally discourage consumer spending to counterbalance the economy. The traditional banking strategy is under scrutiny, as stringent rate hikes have not yet been shown to slow the economy.

The Canadian Consumer Crunch

The ongoing aggressive rate hike series is straining the average Canadian consumer’s budget, with the climbing cost of living and mounting interest rates. This has led to financial instability for many, with over half of Canadians revealing they are just $200 shy from failing to pay their bills.

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Persistence of Policy Measures

Despite the perceived financial strain on consumers, the Bank of Canada signals a resolve to maintain the pace of rate hikes. The message being sent seems to suggest that the rates will continue to rise until consumer spending is substantially reduced.

The definitive impact of this anticipated rate hike is yet to be seen. Whether it will indeed slow down the economy or push more consumers towards financial instability, it is clear that inflation control remains the key concern for the Bank of Canada. The repercussions of these measures on the average Canadian consumer will also be closely monitored, with more clarity expected in the coming months.

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