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Capitalist Countdown: Wealthy VC’s Top 5 Investing News Stories of the Week

Welcome to Wealthy VC’s Capitalist Countdown

The Capitalist Countdown is a weekly series that features the biggest stories from the market’s hottest stocks as well as news from under-the-radar hidden gems capable of delivering mutibagger returns to your portfolio.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy Capitalist Countdown’s top 5 market-moving news stories for the week of October 24th – 30th, 2022.

5. Kicks Off Coverage of the Emerging and Recession Resilient Cosmeceuticals Industry

Physician-Dispensed Skincare Sub-Industry Set to Outperform Within the Consumer Discretionary / Cosmeceuticals Sector

The market was recently valued at $61.23 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% to a staggering $138.64 billion by 2030. Pharma-like margins and consumer-like growth/ stickiness within the physician-dispensed skincare market set to “mint” several new stand-out consumer stocks such as Elevai Labs. Elevai is a medical aesthetic biotechnology company developing cutting-edge regenerative skincare applications.


4. Kanye West No Longer a Billionaire After Adidas Cut Ties With Hip Hop Mogul For Antisemitic Remarks

Was This the Right Move By Adidas, or Potentially a Billion Mistake?

With Adidas (OTCQX: ADDYY) and a growing list of other companies also cutting ties with the rapper, it is now being reported that Kayne West is no longer listed on the Forbes list of billionaires.


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3. Alphabet Earnings: Google’s Parent Company Misses on Top and Bottom as YouTube Ad Revenue Comes Up Short (VIDEO)

Another Earnings Season is Upon Us, With the Largest of the Big Tech Titans Reporting Their Third-Quarter Financial Results

Google’s parent company, Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL, GOOG), released its Q3 earnings on Tuesday, missing Wall Street’s expectations on its top and bottom line results, thanks to YouTube’s ad revenue coming in $400 million below forecasts.


2. Meta Stock Craters to 6-Year Low Following Disastrous Q3 Earnings (VIDEO)

In 2021, With the Social Media Firm Embroiled in Numerous Scandals Surrounding Misinformation on the Platform, Company Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Made the Decision to Rebrand Facebook to Meta Platforms

In addition to trying to distance themselves from criticism, the new name revealed Meta Platforms’ (NASDAQ: META) new focus: developing the “Metaverse.” However, following the release of Meta’s disastrous Q3 earnings this week, it appears the big tech firm has a whole new set of big problems, as shares of META plummeted to a six-year low.


1. Yoshitsu Co. Ltd is a Japanese Sleeper Stock That is Quietly Kicking Off a Global Expansion Strategy

Founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 2006, Yoshitsu was started with the goal of becoming the preeminent supplier of health and beauty products in Japan.

Yoshitsu (NASDAQ: TKLF) is a retailer and wholesaler of en-vogue Japanese health and beauty products. The company is currently leveraged to China but has recently embarked on a global expansion on several continents.


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