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The Future of Warfare: AI-Powered Submarines and Drones

Last Updated: 12.9.2023 16:41

From Australia’s dual investment in nuclear and AI-driven subs to the global race for AI dominance in military tech, discover why companies like Anduril industries are becoming the new titans of defence—and why investors like you should pay attention.

The Australian Navy’s Two-Pronged Approach

The Australian Navy is making significant strides in submarine technology, with two distinct approaches. On one hand, they are investing in nuclear-powered attack submarines costing an average of AUD$28 billion each. On the other, they are also investing in AI-powered unmanned submarines called Ghost Sharks, costing just over AUD$23 million each. The Ghost Sharks are expected to be operational by mid-2025, much sooner than the nuclear subs.

The Rise of AI in Military Applications

AI is revolutionizing military technology, making it cheaper, faster, and more efficient. Companies like Anduril are at the forefront of this transformation, building AI-powered submarines like the Ghost Shark for the Australian Navy. These unmanned vessels can be produced rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional submarines, making them a compelling investment opportunity.

The Global Race for AI Dominance in Warfare

The United States and its allies are in a high-stakes race against China to dominate the field of AI in military applications. Both sides are investing heavily in AI-powered weapons, including submarines, drones, and other autonomous systems. The U.S. aims to field “multiple thousands” of autonomous systems within the next two years to offset China’s advantage in numbers.

The Investment Opportunity in AI-Driven Military Technology

Companies like Anduril offer significant investment opportunities. Anduril, for instance, recently won a contract worth almost $1 billion to supply U.S. Special Operations Command with a counter-drone system. As nations ramp up their military capabilities, the demand for advanced, AI-driven technology is expected to grow, offering lucrative opportunities for investors. Ai Powered Subs and drone stocks that you may want to keep your eye on following this latest news are: 

1. AeroVironment, Inc. (AVAV) – Specializes in unmanned aircraft systems.

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2. General Dynamics Corporation (GD) – Manufactures the Virginia-class submarines.

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Ethical Considerations and Future Outlook

While the investment prospects in AI-driven military technology are promising, they also come with ethical considerations. The development of autonomous weapons that can make lethal decisions independently has sparked debate about the need for regulation. Despite these concerns, the sector is poised for significant growth, and investors should keep an eye on companies leading the charge in AI military applications.

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