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Capitalist Countdown: Wealthy VC’s Top 5 Investing News Stories of the Week

Last Updated: 29.1.2024 19:56

Welcome to Wealthy VC’s Capitalist Countdown

The Capitalist Countdown is a weekly series that features the biggest stories from the market’s hottest stocks as well as news from under-the-radar hidden gems capable of delivering mutibagger returns to your portfolio.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy Capitalist Countdown’s top 5 market-moving news stories for the week of August 7th – 13th, 2023.

5. New Meme Stock Rockets 800% on Short Squeeze (VIDEO)

Short-Sellers Are Licking Their Wounds After Shares of This Struggling Consumer Products Company Unexpectedly Catapulted 768% Over the Past Two Weeks

The stock’s meteoric rise has been attributed to a large influx of buying from retail “Meme Stock” traders from online forums such as Reddit’s WallStreetBets and StockTwits.


4. Disney’s Bold Leap into AI: A New Era

From Movies to Theme Parks, AI is Set to Revolutionize The Way Disney Operates

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) has embarked on an ambitious journey to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across its vast empire.


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3. ELEVAI Labs Announces New Exclusive Philippines Distributor Partnership

Dmark Multisales Corp. is a Prominent Marketing and Distribution Company Based in the Philippines With Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

ELEVAI Labs, a medical aesthetic Biotechnology company focused on physician-dispensed skincare and a leader in exosome research and development, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Dmark Multisales Corporation, a prominent marketing and distribution company based in the Philippines.


2. XTM Posts Year-End 2022 Earnings, Revenue Climbs 111%

XTM Reported 2022 Net Revenue of $4,733,727, An Increase of 111% Compared to 2021

XTM Inc. (CSE: PAID) (OTCQB: XTMIF) (FSE: 7XT), a Miami and Toronto-based Fintech creator of disruptive payment innovations, including fully certified Earned Wage Access through its QRails AnyDay™ solution, announced the filing of the following financial statements:


1. VIDEO: Dave Portnoy Buys Back Barstool Sports For $1 as PENN Inks $2B Deal With ESPN

The $2 Billion Agreement With PENN Entertainment Will See ESPN Launch its New ESPN BET Sportsbook in the United States

The blockbuster deal also saw Dave Portnoy buy back Barstool Sports for $1 from PENN Entertainment (NASDAQ: PENN), which finalized its purchase of Barstool earlier this year for $551 million.


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