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2 Stocks Correlated to Donald Trump’s Political Success Jump Up to 239% in Past Week (VIDEO)

Following Former President Donald Trump's Dominant Win Last Week at the Iowa Caucus, These Two Stocks Have Skyrocketed As Much as 239% and 107%, Respectively

With Trump winning decisively again tonight in New Hampshire by double digits, investors should keep an eye on these two stocks, which could see their shares push even higher.

Former President Donald Trump’s Republican primary campaign continues to gain significant momentum following decisive double-digit wins in Iowa last week and New Hampshire tonight. With all of the Republican primary contenders except Niki Haley bowing out last week following the Iowa Caucus, Trump is almost certainly going to be the Republican nominee.

While Niki Haley, who lost by double-digits tonight in her head-to-head matchup with Trump in New Hampshire, announced in her post-primary speech that she is staying in the race. With the Nevada Caucus, where Trump is competing unopposed, and the South Carolina primary, Haley’s home state where Trump is favored to win by as much as 40 points, the race to become the Republican nominee is all but over.

Source: Fox News YouTube

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With Donald Trump closing in on securing the Republican nomination, the former President’s odds of returning to the White House in 2025 are rising quickly, as evidenced by his lead in the polls. According to the Real Clear Politics polling average of the likely Trump v. Biden rematch, Trump currently holds a healthy lead of 2.9 points. In the betting markets, which many believe to be a more accurate forecasting tool, Trump holds an even bigger 10.9-point lead over President Joe Biden.

The reason why all of this information is important has to do with the way investors in the stock market are reacting to the Trump surge.

More specifically, it appears the two stocks detailed below are currently directly correlated to the former President’s political success, having soared as much as +239.03% and +107.08%, respectively since Trump’s blowout win in Iowa last week.

Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM)

Since Trump’s big win in Iowa on January 15th, online video-streaming platform and cloud services provider Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM) has seen its shares soar as much as +107.08% in roughly a week.

Rumble is connected to Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and DWAC stock via the technology and cloud services partnership signed back in December 2021. The partnership states that Rumble will provide video and streaming services for TMTG-owned TRUTH Social.

Adding further fuel to Rumble stock’s rally, yesterday, the company announced it signed a partnership with Barstool Sports. Under the new partnership, Rumble users will have access to all Barstool Sports content and live streams on the platform. The deal also includes an advertising arrangement that will see both companies work to bring advertisers to the Rumble platform. Barstool Sports will promote Rumble as its preferred video-streaming platform and will now use the Rumble Cloud as its cloud services provider.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy commented on the new partnership, stating:

“With the power of Barstool Sports, we are going to help Rumble be the top player in the video, cloud, and live-streaming space.”

Shares of Rumble closed Tuesday’s trading session at $6.50 per share, up +32.92% on the day. YTD, RUM stock is up +49.77% and as much as +107.08% since the Iowa Caucus.

Source: Barchart

Learn more about Rumble: Website | Investor Deck | RUM Chart

Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC)

While Rumble’s recent gains are impressive, on an even bigger run since Trump’s Iowa victory is Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC), the special purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC) that is currently working towards merging with Donald Trump’s company Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which owns the social media app TRUTH Social. Since the Iowa Caucus, DWAC has seen its stock price skyrocket as much as +239.03%.

Compared to Rumble, which is an operating technology company with revenue, Digital World Acquisition Corp. is a much more speculative stock as it’s essentially just an investment vehicle until DWAC can close its merger with TMTG, which there is no guarantee will happen. On the flip side, one could argue more risk, more reward.

Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. closed the day at $50.75 per share, up +2.13% on the day. YTD, DWAC stock is up +190.83% and as much as +239.03% since the Iowa Caucus.

Source: Barchart

Learn more about Digital World Acquisition Corp: Website | Investor Deck | DWAC Chart

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