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Delta CleanTech Signs Deal With KISEN to Expand CO2 Capture and Utilization Business Into Chinese Market

Delta Held A Signing Ceremony in Beijing to Commemorate the Signing of its Milestone Agreement to Accelerate its CleanTech Business in the Massive Chinese Market

On January 16, 2022, Delta CleanTech (CSE: DELT) (OTC: DCTIF) (FRA: 66C) held a signing ceremony in Beijing to announce its new Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) business development agreement with Chinese firm Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co. (KISEN).

The milestone deal will see Delta expand its CO2 capture and utilization operations into the rapidly growing Chinese CO2 mitigation market.

Commenting on the company’s KISEN deal, Delta CleanTech President Jeff Allison stated:

“Delta’s recent success in CO2 capture project qualification on six significant projects is accelerating our needs to further expand operations in China to meet CO2 reduction demands. As such, we have expanded our collaboration with the KISEN Group to add to our existing relationships with the Chenglin and Wison Groups. KISEN will provide access to the cement industry, which is second behind coal-fired power generation in overall world CO2 emissions.”

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At the virtual signing ceremony, Kisan Chairman: Mr. Jianhua Feng, and Delta’s Chairman: Mr. Lionel Kambeitz, exchanged messages identifying the importance of CCUS and the need for robust and proven CO2 capture technology. Mr. Kambeitz applauded Mr. Feng’s leadership for the focus and progress that KISEN has demonstrated in climate change mitigation in China, particularly as it relates to the cement industry, which has been identified as a high-value target industry for CO2 capture and utilization.

“With the increase in our business volume in China, we need to collaborate with well-recognized Chinese state corporations already successful in the cement industry. The signing of this new Business Development Agreement establishes Delta and KISEN as strong and long-term collaborators moving forward in this important industry and will facilitate the creation of global leadership in adopting Delta’s technology to cement manufacturing,” added Allison.

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