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Did Logan Paul Just Scam Investors in His Latest Crypto Fail? (VIDEO)

Logan Paul is No Stranger to Controversy, and the Most Recent News of His Alleged Crypto Scam Appears to Back This Up

Paul’s new “game,” CryptoZoo, was supposed to be a “fun and unique” blockchain game that you can earn money playing. Unfortunately, that went south quickly, causing millions of investor dollars to evaporate.

Their “unique game” was supposed to allow players to make passive income by hatching eggs and yielding crypto. Now, the CyrptoZoo game Logan created doesn’t work, and it looks like it was made with stock photos. One investor even lost upwards of half a million dollars. Yikes, maybe that’s one reason not to trust influencers.

Let’s dive deeper into everything unfolding right now. Logan threatened to sue YouTuber CoffeeZilla for defamation over his three-part YouTube series covering the CryptoZoo saga. Recently on January 8th, however, he withdrew his threat to take CoffeeZilla to court over the YouTuber’s expose documentary “Investigating Logan Paul’s Biggest Scam.”

Source: CoffeeZilla YouTube

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Logan claimed that he “truly didn’t do any scamming,” and it wasn’t his fault, essentially throwing his team under the bus for hiring con men! Logan Paul has been dodging accountability all week. However, he finally admitted that he deserved some blame soon after deleting his apology videos. Earlier this week, Logan Paul called CoffeeZilla, claiming he was sorry and would make things right with CryptoZoo. He then went to his discord server and said he would take accountability for CryptoZoo’s failure, but this is yet to happen.

This isn’t the first Logan has tried creating a cryptocurrency and more than failed, costing his investors thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let’s rewind back to “Dink Doink,” a comedic token that Logan and his team created, claiming that Logan was all in. Meanwhile, Logan manipulated his audience into thinking he stumbled upon this coin. In reality, Logan and his team were the creators of it.

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